The heart and soul of our organization, The Rezvan Foundation Mentorship Program provides ongoing 1:1 mentorship to each Rezvan Scholar throughout the course of his/her entire four-year college career. Mentors make a difference! Each Rezvan Scholar is carefully matched with a high-level mentor by a variety of factors, including (but not limited to) education pathway, career and industry interest, styles of learning, and personality.

Baleen Shemirani

paired with Rezvan Scholar C.B.

A proud first-generation Iranian American, Rezvan Foundation mentor Baleen Shemirani is a credentialed school psychologist, and as the co-founder of Boostan Kids Persian Immersion Preschool is committed to passing along her Iranian heritage and Persian language to young students in the San Francisco Bay Area.

“As the daughter of two Iranian immigrants who were totally unfamiliar with the US education system, I relied a lot on school counselors, as well as the older kids around me who were doing well in school,” Baleen shares. “I was the first in my family to go to a four-year University and then on to graduate school, and while I was extremely fortunate to have a loving and strong support system in my family, I myself could have used a mentor during those crazy, confusing and formative college years. I am so honored to be working with The Rezvan Foundation, and feel lucky to have my mentee; she motivates me to crush obstacles in my own life and push forward!”

Bernadette Doerr

paired with Rezvan Scholar E.G.

Rezvan Foundation mentor Bernadette Doerr is an independent consultant who helps companies diagnose and manage culture. A recipient of the Frank H. Buck Scholarship, she studied at Georgetown University and the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley. Bernadette serves on the board of two education-related non-profits (Buck Scholars Association and SchoolForce), and shares that she feels honored to serve as a Rezvan Foundation mentor.

Majenta Strongheart

paired with Rezvan Scholar L.D.

Rezvan Foundation mentor and emerging artist Majenta Strongheart is the Staff Designer and Community Coordinator at Supplyframe DesignLab, where she works at the intersection of design, social innovation, science and fine arts. In addition to organizing over 100 exhibits and events, her work has been featured at DeYoung Museum in SF and Spazio Rosanna Orlandi in Milan. Majenta thrives to be a positive contributing member to her community, and we are so grateful to call her a Rezvan Foundation mentor!

Roja Gashtili

paired with Rezvan Scholar J.H.

Born in Iran and brought to the U.S. as a baby, Rezvan Foundation mentor Roja Gashtili is a writer, director and producer. “Navigating the college system was at times complicated as a first-generation American,” she recalls, “but with the help of family and a strong support system at school, I graduated and moved to NYC to pursue my career.” She shares that she is honored to be working with The Rezvan Foundation, and is immensely grateful for the opportunity to pay it forward and advocate on the behalf of students like her.

Cassandra Bodzak

paired with Rezvan Scholar E.M.

Rezvan Foundation mentor Cassandra Bodzak is a certified Holistic Health Coach specializing in practical lifestyle management for women, with particular emphasis on both nutrition and meditation. The author of Eat With Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life That Lights You Up, she has been featured in Forbes for the popular online community she created at, as well as a featured competitor on  NBC’s “The Taste” for her healthy, vegan dessert creations.