The Rezvan Foundation for Excellence was founded by Dr. Ehsan Rezvan to honor the legacy of his late father, Dr. Ahmad Rezvan. Growing up in Iran in abject poverty, Ahmad suffered the sudden and devastating loss of his father when he was just fourteen years old. Although culture dictated that he immediately quit school and assume the role of ‘head of household’ in order to provide for his mother and younger siblings, Ahmad stunned his small town by quietly putting himself through school and winning admission to the most prestigious university in Iran – all while still fulfilling his duty to his grief-stricken family. He needed both an uncompromising determination to succeed as well as an unwavering commitment to educational excellence to transform his life the way that he did; had he possessed any less of either quality, he might never have overcome such terrific adversity.

The mission of the Rezvan Foundation is to support the educational pursuits of exceptionally talented young students who, like Dr. Ahmad Rezvan, have shown a determination to succeed despite the crippling loss of one or more parent, removal from their parents’ home, or time spent in foster care. It is our hope that Rezvan scholars will continue to ‘pay it forward’ and keep the generous spirit of Dr. Ahmad Rezvan and his family alive for generations to come.